Its Investment Value

At Golder and Wiser we are pleased to offer some of the finest museum grade specimens in the world. We have listed other distingushed purveyors of quality gold specimens and their websites so that you can peruse their offerings and benefit from their expert opinions. We encourage you to compare our inventory to theirs. Golden nuggets of distinction truly are one of nature's rarities.

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"Australian Gold Nuggets are a very wise investment choice for many reasons . . . Most investors agree that the best decision you can make is to invest in Australian Gold Nuggets, whether you want real gold to display in your home or you want an investment that is solid and will not turn out to be worthless in the future. Less than two percent of all the gold available in the world is in nugget form, and only a portion of this amount is available as Australian Gold Nuggets."—Gold Bullion Pro

"Nuggets in quartz: Sometimes gold is deposited in a continuous vein, and when there is enough gold the specimen can be described as a nugget. These nuggets are from the upper parts of the original gold deposit. They formed in the boiling off zone of the hydrothermal. They were often well above present ground level, and now only scattered specimens remain on the ground below the point of their formation. Sometimes the quartz is as a white as snow, but most times it is heavily stained with black and brown oxides and sulfides. It is hard to buy and sell, as the novice has a hard time determining the actual gold content and purity of the piece. Most often these pieces as specimens have a value far above that of their gold content. Attractive pieces are rare and highly sought after."

"Compared to diamonds, a 5 carat diamond is easier to find than a 1 ounce gold nugget. It is so rare that all the gold ever mined could fit into a cube measuring just 20 yards on each side.

And what about quartz gold specimens? Quartz and gold specimens are very rare. They are worth as much and most of the time more than pure gold because of their rarity. Why are they rare? Because most nuggets have already fallen out of the host quartz. Gold and iron are usually found together in veins in the cracks and fissures of quartz. As the iron oxidizes or rusts, it causes the quartz to fall apart and liberate the gold held inside."— Gold Mart Inc.