Gold is an Enduring Investment


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From the dawn of civilization gold has been a symbol of wealth. Its rarity assures that it will remain one of the few assets which not only maintains its value, but will appreciate year on year.

The enduring yellow luster intermingled with the natural beauty of a mineral specimen combine to produce an object of natural art. When nature's art produces items of commonly recognized design the value of the object rises exponentially.

Beauty, value and extreme rarity are commonplace at Golder and Wiser. Our goal is to identify and provide unique mineral specimens of uncommon display quality—because beauty must be seen to be appreciated—the uniqueness of each piece commands enduring value.

Our nuggets and gold specimens are among the highest level of purity found in nature. It is not uncommon for our gold to assess at 20-22 carats. The reason for this level of purity is due to the exclusive area in which it is found—Australia's Golden Triangle.

Beginning in 1851 and continuing till today, men and women have decended on the state of Victoria in hopes of finding a second Wecome Stranger (largest nugget ever found.) Today they scour the bush looking for these ellusive "rippers". Utilizing the latest metal detecting technology these "fossickers" hope to hear the strong "ping" of a submerged target echoing in their headsets. More often than not, it is a bullet, not the bullion of their dreams. It is unknown how much gold is found in this manner, what is certain is that this area produces some of the most beautiful gold/quartz specimens in the world. 

Be sure and checkout our inventory of rare display quality heirlooms. Invest generationally in one of nature's most stunning objects de art.